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Professional training seminars...

As a result of the overwhelming number of requests by women seeking professionals who are familiar with and trained to specialize in treating upscale violence around the country, as well as professionals seeking consultation, Dr. Weitzman has designed professional training seminars for professionals from diverse educational and disciplinary backgrounds. Attendees have included social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, marriage and family therapists, clergy and pastoral counselors, domestic violence advocates, guidance counselors, physicians, attorneys, law enforcement agents, and others.

The seminars encompass learning about:

  • upscale domestic violence;
  • ways to diagnose and intervene specific to the path of the upscale abused woman;
  • aspects of the unique and idiosyncratic path of the upscale abused woman;
  • character profiles of the upscale battered woman and upscale batterer;
  • dealing with the innate and inadvertent biases within the helping professions;
  • advocacy; custody and legal issues;
  • unique treatment considerations;
  • educational and marketing needs, especially as prophylactic measures; and
  • transference and counter-transference issues.
These professional training seminars are offered in two formats: a two-day intensive retreat which includes survivors speaking to the group, and role playing opportunities amongst the professionals; and a one-day all day seminar. Each format is offered twice a year in the Chicago area, or may be requested and designed for groups in other locations. Certificates for the training will be available on request.

For more information about either format of the seminars, rates, dates, and to request a catalogue, write; include your U.S. postal address as well as your e-mail address (and phone number, if you wish to be called). Requesting a brochure does not automatically add you to our mailing list, so please indicate if you would like to be added. All privacy is assured in requesting brochures or mailing list participation (see Privacy Statement on this website).

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