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Dr. Susan Weitzman is available as a litigation consultant, expert witness, and evaluator in court cases involving upscale domestic abuse. An experienced clinician with over twenty years of experience (see her bio on this website), including 17 years' experience doing ground-breaking research into the area of upscale domestic abuse, Dr. Weitzman's background, education and training, unique insights into the subject area, expertise with clients, compassionate and persuasive speaking style, and calm, unflappable approach to dealing with challenging situations make for her being an excellent expert to add to your team. Attorney and other professional references available on request.

If you think this might be of help to you or your client, please contact Dr. Weitzman for details, fee information, appointment protocols, ways to work with her, and for an initial brief phone consultation. She can be reached at; include your U.S. postal address, e-mail address, and phone numbers. Requests for calls are usually responded to within 24-48 hours. Requesting such a consultation does not automatically add you to our mailing list, so please indicate if you would like to be added. All privacy is assured in requesting brochures or mailing list participation (see Privacy Statement on this website). You can contact Dr. Weitzman directly at 312-444-1777.

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